G-runs 'n Roses:

Upon hearing the name, you expect to see a bunch of rough guys with tattoos and long hair, but the picture does not confirm your assumption. Luckily, these lads have other aces to pull out of their sleeves.

G-runs 'n Roses are a young and energetic bluegrass band from the Czech Republic in the heart of Europe. They play both original and existing songs with a strong focus on solid rhythm and tight vocal harmonies. This is complemented with fancy instrumental solos and incorporated into elegant arrangements. However youthful their music may be, tasteful it shall remain, and the band retains a deep respect for traditional bluegrass music. The band was formed in July 2006 and their first CD "Learning To Fly" appeared in 2008. Their latest release "Gravity", which features the second line-up of the band with Ondra Kozák on guitar, was released in May 2013. Both albums received enthusiastic reviews in the major bluegrass magazines.

Following a brief pause after the 2020 season, G-runs 'n Roses are back in 2022 with a new line-up that features veterans Ralph Schut and Milan Marek and new members Vlado Krizan, Christopher Schut and Peter Burza.


G-runs 'n Roses have toured Europe extensively. Selected performances include:

Ralph Schut - banjo, guitar & vocals

RalphRalph Christian Frederick Martin Schut was named after Ralph Stanley and the founder of the legendary Martin guitar company. Born in the Netherlands, he moved to the Czech Republic at the age of 19. The main reason for moving to this country (and learning the language) was the high level of musicianship and the large Czech bluegrass music scene. He has since performed with countless bands and been enjoying every minute of it. Ralph was raised on bluegrass and ‘50s country music. When playing with G-runs 'n Roses, he aims to combine the soul of real country music with the drive of '80s and '90s bluegrass. Apart from playing the banjo, he is also a passionate guitar and mandolin player.

Milan Marek - mandolin & vocals

MilanHe might look shy on stage, but out on the road Milan is actually the band’s biggest entertainer. Being a large fan of Stephen King, this can get pretty scary at times, but Milan’s humor does shorten the long drives between the gigs. Whenever he is not playing his Gibson F-5 mandolin, he can be found in the kitchen cooking exotic meals or at the ponds around Prague catching fish. Before joining G-runs 'n Roses in November of 2007, he played with the very popular Czech group Vabank Unit, and later with Fragment, with whom he toured the United States five times in 2001 – 2005. He also accompanied Bill Keith on his Czech tour.

Vlado Križan - guitar & vocals

VladoVlado joined our group in 2020 replacing former guitarist Tomas Dvorak. We had admired his guitar playing for many years and soon learned that he is a devoted team player and great guy to spend time with too. In his native Slovakia, Vlado also has his own group called Heartbeats. Before that, we was a member of the legendary GrassCountry band.

Christopher Schut - upright bass & vocals

Peter Burza - fiddle & vocals